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We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the web portal of Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya (BPSMV).

Our esteemed organization has evolved over 103 years as a unique and pathbreaking institution dedicated to women’s education. The seminal idea of empowering women through education was spearheaded by revered Bhagat Phool Singh ji in 1919, which took a firm shape in 1936 with the establishment of Kanya Gurukul at Khanpur Kalan.

The lamp that was lit with the creation of Gurukul Founder Shri Bhagat Phool Singh was taken forward as the torch of enlightenment by his daughter Subhashini who has even been conferred with a Padma Shri for her tireless pursuit of women’s empowerment. The Gurukul started with just three girls and has grown into today’s BPSMV with approximately 10000 girls on its rolls.

August 18, 2006 was the historical day on which the erstwhile gurukul consisting of BPS Memorial Girls College (1967), BPS College of Education (1968), MSM Ayurvedic College (1973), BPS Mahila Polytechnic (1984), TIG Bhainswal Kalan (1999) and PSD Girls’ Law College(2003) was converted into BPSMV through an act of Haryana Legislature.

The university has proven to be a distinct institution that is a juxtaposition of tradition with modernity, driven by core Indian Values. The university offers a vast range of programmes in almost all domains of knowledge.

Owing to the genesis of the university in societal transformation as the core objective, BPSMV has been constantly bringing about society’s growth through its Centre for Society University Interface and Research (CSUIR), Centre for Indic-Asian Studies (CIAS), Department of Social Work, Front Line Demonstration Centre (FLDC) etc. The University Society interface being the university’s governing principal, the students are trained to be agents of change and skillful in their chosen areas of study.

My endeavour is to strengthen and realize the dream of Bhagat Phool Singh ji, and facilitate quality and affordable education to the aspiring girls and women, particularly belonging to more rural regions.

The assessment and accreditation of BPSMV by NAAC and other accreditation agencies is my top priority. I will be making concerted efforts in implementing the core objectives of NEP 2020 in the curriculum. There will also be a focus on promoting research on Indian Knowledge systems.

As a firm believer in the fact that education is an instrument of change, my vision for the university is to evolve it into an internationally known centre for knowledge creation and women’s education. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the state Government for giving me the opportunity to serve the cause of women’s education which I sincerely wish to do with the help and cooperation of each member of the BPSMV family.

Let’s come together and take BPSMV to the zenith of being a university driven by what Mahatma Gandhi said, “Education should be a fusion of rootedness and openness.”

Best Wishes
Jai Hind


Prof. Sudesh 

Vice Chancellor