The Department of Commerce (earlier under the Faculty of Commerce & Management) was established in the year 2009 with the vision of “Empowering Women”. Department of commerce gained an independent status in a very short span of time. The Department of Commerce was raised to the status of a separate full-fledged Department in 2015. The growth journey of the Department of Commerce witnessed new heights. Since 2009, the Department of Commerce is offering B.Com. (H). M.Com. M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. The Department of Commerce invites students for their different courses from different parts of the country.  At present, approximately 400 students are studying in various courses. The Department has very rich infrastructure facility. It has its own library catering to needs of the students of different courses. The library has a treasure trove of excellent books on various facets of business and commerce. The faculty has an excellent computer lab of its own which is fully equipped with the modern computer network based on Wi-Fi and LAN internet connectivity. The computer lab compliments the classroom pedagogy and provides the much needed facilities to the students for navigating through network and using email, web-surfing, etc. The computer lab is supplemented with Department Hall. Presently, the faculty strength is 08, reflecting a wonderful mix of experienced and young talents. Besides, having published and presented a large number of research papers, the faculty members have produced more than 500 are in progress. The well qualified and energetic Department, through its academic acumen, is fully prepared and geared to embrace the academic and research challenges emanating from the rapidly changing complex business environment. The alumni of various programmes being conducted by the Department are presently working in leading Multinational as well as Indian companies across the world continents. A number of alumnus have ventured into own businesses. However, foreseeing the heat of global recession on professional courses and surge in demand for fundamental courses it became compelling of focus energy on the areas of commerce.


The Vision of the Department is to generate and disseminate knowledge through a harmonious blend of ancient and modern wisdom, and to serve the society by developing in women students heightened intellectual, cultural, ethical, and humane sensitivities; to foster a scientific temper, and to promote professional and technological expertise. Central to this vision is a commitment to regional and national development in consonance with our culture, heritage, and environment.


  • To empower women through knowledge and information
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and research
  • To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge
  • To meet the challenges of a complex, and modern society through informed social outreach
  • To develop a responsible and productive citizenry
  • To develop, enhance, and improve the quality of human resources
  • To cultivate resolute moral and ethical values
  • To meet contemporary regional and national needs and anticipate future social and economic development
  • To preserve and promote cultural heritage, humanistic and spiritual values